Integrate Advertising in your 1:1 Customer Journey for rapid ROI

Customers are bombarded every day with thousands of ads, it’s becoming increasing difficult for brands to remain front of mind.  The solution is quite simple in fact – in order for brands to keep the attention of customers, their advertising must also be relevant in the context of their brand journey.

Until recently brands mostly use topic, third party or demographic data to target customers, but this is still a relatively “batch and blast” approach.  Now it is possible to integrate your CRM data directly and securely with the Social and Ad Networks so you can drive 1:1 advertising targeting your existing customers, lookalike of your best customers, leads in a sales funnel, disengaged customers, high churn risk customers and even suppress unhappy customers from your ad campaigns.

AFDigital 1:1 Advertising Journey


1:1 Advertising Journeys

Connect your CRM data to Advertising to unlock 1:1 advertising to target or suppress customers based on their journey with you.

Social Advertising

Advertise across popular social networks to build your following, boost your content and drive visitors to your website from social.

Google Search & Display

Advertise locally and attract search traffic, or place ads on relevant websites and target recent visitors to your website.


CRM connected 1:1 Advertising
ROI Measurement


Below is a recommended basic package, but we can also tailor a specific package depending on your business needs.


  • Advertising Playbook
  • 12 Month Roadmap


  • 4x Ad Campaigns per Month
  • Ad Artwork & Copy
  • Optimization and AB Testing

Account Management

  • Campaign Brief & Approval
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Monthly & Quarterly Report
  • Quarterly Business Review

Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.

What you can expect

  1. Complete the questionnaire and checklist tasks
  2. Attend a Kick-Off and Discovery meeting
  3. Attend a Blueprint Review and Approval meeting
  4. We will configure your Salesforce Licenses to your requirement
  5. Attend a Solution Walkthrough call to validate the final build
  6. We will activate your users so they receive the activation email and can get started
  7. Receive Salesforce Handbooks that your team can use in their day to day jobs
  8. Attend a Project Review Meeting and discuss your 12 month CRM Roadmap
What can you expect from AFDigital


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Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.