Are you prepared for a Social Media Crisis?

A social media crisis is a significant increase in the number of brand mentions through online and social channels that have negative sentiment or are damaging to the brand’s reputation and market share. Often online crises are caused by either an offline or online event and typically increase in scale when picked up by mass media or influencers.

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Crisis Playbook
Crisis Dark Site
Social Monitoring


Below is a recommended basic package, but we can also tailor a specific package depending on your business needs.


  • 12 Month Roadmap
  • 5 Year Historical Crisis Analysis

Crisis Playbook

  • Crisis monitoring & detection
  • Crisis classification
  • Internal escalation tree & process
  • Training and Certification process
  • FAQ and Crisis Page Template
  • Social media response guidelines
  • Employee communication plan
  • Comms Templates ready (e.g. image/video/SMS/email)
  • External stakeholder contact lists (e.g. Press/Influencers)
  • Crisis de-brief process and template

Crisis Dark Site

  • Crisis updates
  • Crisis details, timeline and FAQs
  • Photos, videos and media
  • Crisis response and mitigation action
  • Contact information

Crisis Monitoring

  • 24×7 Crisis Monitoring
  • Email Notifications
  • Daily Crisis Risk Report

Crisis Response Team

  • Team available on-call
  • Trained & Certified to support your business
  • Off-Shore Command Center
  • 24×7 crisis response

Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.

What you can expect

  1. Complete the questionnaire and checklist tasks
  2. Attend a Kick-Off and Discovery meeting
  3. We will prepare an 12 Month Crisis Roadmap
  4. We will create and tailor a Crisis Playbook and Crisis Dark Site
  5. Attend solution walkthrough meeting
  6. Finalise and approve
  7. Receive staff training on Crisis Playbook
  8. Staff run through a Social Crisis Drill
  9. Have staff pass exam to ensure they hold the relevant knowledge
  10. Attend a Quarterly Business Review meeting
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Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.