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Now with a vast array of social media metrics and data points available, it seems more complicated than ever to know what to look at. With years of running social reporting for the world’s largest brands, we know exactly what to look out for and which metrics are important to report on. 

We have a team of Reporting Analysts that are trained on how to get insights from social listening and digital marketing performance through high quality management reports.

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Brand Health Reporting

It is hard to keep track of what your teams are investing time and money into into vs. what is driving actual results.  Our brand reports include: Social Listening, Social Page Analytics and Website Analytics that let you keep track efficiently.

Social Listening

We provide brand health reporting packages, or custom reporting services at client request. A typical package would include a weekly, monthly and quarterly PDF report.

Social Crisis Monitoring

We provide corporate reporting services for companies that are going through a crisis, or regularly face crises and need insights and monitoring on social media.

Competitor Tracking

Keep abreast of your competitors strengths, weaknesses, promotions and crises by monitoring not only their activity online, but also the public’s sentiment.

Audience Insights & Analysis

Understand who your audience is and what they are talking about. What are the major topics being discussed and by who. How does your audience demographic compare by country, and where are you mostly being talked about?


PDF Reports
Brand, Competitor & Industry Listening
Online Dashboards


Below is a recommended basic package, but we can also tailor a specific package depending on your business needs.


  • Reporting Playbook
  • Custom Branded 10 Page PDF Report Template

Regular PDF Reporting

  • Monthly and Quarterly PDF Management Reports
  • Analyst insights and recommendations added to each report

Online Dashboards

We provide you with access to your own Dashboard that presents the same data, but allows you to drill down and filter.

Adhoc Reporting

  • Campaign Report
  • Crisis Report
  • Insights Report

Account Management

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Quarterly Social Review
  • 12 Month Social Roadmap

Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.

What you can expect

  1. Complete the questionnaire and checklist tasks
  2. Attend a Kick-Off and Discovery meeting
  3. We will prepare the Reporting Playbook for how we will work together
  4. Attend a Playbook Walkthrough call to validate the final Playbook
  5. Kick-off the monthly service
  6. Attend a Quarterly Social Review meeting to discuss opportunities to improve configuration, adoption and use of the platforms
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Have one of our friendly staff contact you back with relevant information and pricing.